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      <page pageid="1100" ns="0" title="Tangherlini, Timothy R.. Facebook for Vikings" touched="2017-11-09T13:20:57Z" lastrevid="8576" counter="3185" length="3820" />
      <page pageid="1137" ns="0" title="Tangherlini, Timothy R.. Facebook for Vikings: Social Network Analysis and Egil’s Saga" touched="2017-11-09T13:20:57Z" lastrevid="5573" counter="336" length="59" redirect="" new="" />
      <page pageid="673" ns="0" title="Taylor, Marvin. Egils saga, die Saga von Egil Skalla-grimsson" touched="2016-08-26T13:39:48Z" lastrevid="7435" counter="949" length="735" />
      <page pageid="506" ns="0" title="Taylor, Marvin. „Rúmr inngangs en þröngur brottfarar.“" touched="2012-03-08T19:27:43Z" lastrevid="3074" counter="1306" length="2209" />