Arthur, Susanne M. Writing, Reading, and Utilizing "Njals saga".

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  • Author: Arthur, Susanne M.
  • Title: Writing, Reading, and Utilizing Njals saga: The Codicology of Iceland's Most Famous Saga
  • Place, Publisher: Madison, University of Winsconsin
  • Year: 2015
  • E-text: ProQuest
  • Reference: Arthur, Susanne M. Writing, "Reading, and Utilizing Njals saga: The Codicology of Iceland's Most Famous Saga." Diss. University of WInsconsin, 2015.

  • Key words:



Susanne Arthur analyzes the material aspects of Njáls saga 's sixty extant manuscripts, using a wide range of codicological methods. After outlining the evolution of codicology over the past decades and its position in Scandinavian studies, she provides cases studies of a small selection of manuscripts within Njáls saga 's corpus, addressing their codicological features, their context and their paratext. These analyses allow her to shed light on the historical and social background of the manuscripts, and to determine their purpose - decorative, scholarly, private etc. She uses the ensemble of the codicological data that she has collected in order to retrace the evolution of the production, readership and reception of Njáls saga 's manuscripts over time.


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  • Written by: Ermenegilda Müller
  • Icelandic/English translation:
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