Gaskins, Richard. Network Dynamics in Saga and Society

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  • Author: Gaskins, Richard
  • Title: Network Dynamics in Saga and Society
  • Published in: Scandinavian Studies 77/2
  • Year: 2005
  • Pages: 201-216
  • E-text: JSTOR
  • Reference: Gaskins, Richard. “Network Dynamics in Saga and Society”. Scandinavian Studies 77/2, 2005, pp. 201-216.

  • Key words:



The four segments of this article examine, in order: the critical role of “weak ties” (here defined as ties between peers who before had minimal overlap in societal spheres) among Icelandic society as presented in the sagas, the role of genealogy as a dynamic network in Norse/Icelandic society, the conflict caused by friction among overlapping networks and coalitions, and the role of societal networks in the Icelandic sagas as well as how said networks are portrayed. Gaskins argues that the role of social networks in the Icelandic sagas represent a shift in society away from the individual-centered early-migration Icelandic society to a more complex, social structure that formed the basis for Icelandic society throughout the Middle Ages.


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Chapter 134: við fémútu eða liðveislu : " At times Flosi is reduced to offering money in exchange for support, but his bare need is sufficient reason for another potential ally, Bjami Brodd-Helgason at Hof in Vápnafjorðr, to accept his plea (p. 204)"


  • Written by: Jonathan Foltz
  • Icelandic/English translation:
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