Gourdault, Jules. Gunnar et Nial: scènes et moeurs de la vieille Islande

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  • Author: Gourdault, Jules
  • Title: Gunnar et Nial: scènes et moeurs de la vieille Islande
  • Place, Publisher: Memphis, TN: Rarebooksclub
  • Year: 2012
  • E-text:
  • Reference: Gourdault, Jules. Gunnar et Nial: scènes et moeurs de la vieille Islande. Memphis, TN: Rarebooksclub, 2012.

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In this book, Gourdault offers a re-reading of Njal’s saga, with an emphasis on narrative scenes illustrating moral values. According to the author, the Sagas of Early Icelanders are realistic and historically reliable sources concerning the habits and the daily life of the first settlers of Iceland. By drawing examples from Njal’s saga, he discusses some aspects of society and life in Iceland during the Saga Age. By analysing the characters and their thoughts, their behavior, their reaction to events and their relationships by means of marriage, gift-giving and feasting, on which he particularly insists, he also expresses ideas on the social and moral values of the first settlers, as the characters of the saga are to him representative of Icelanders living during the Saga Age. According to the author, Njal’s saga is a historically reliable source, reflecting Icelanders’ own vision of the world, the values they believed in, such as honor and friendship, and representations of daily-life scenes. Finally, Gourdault tries to explain how the Icelandic society of the Saga Age functioned by presenting more insistently scenes of trials at the Alþingi, feuds and compensations as they appear in the saga and by putting them in relation with other historical texts.


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Chapter 89: kvað það eigi skyldu og sagði að væri nótt : “Comme dans les idées du Nord, une exécution nocturne passait pour une sorte de meurtre de félonie, on garrotte les prisonniers avec le dessein de les mettre à mort le lendemain.” (p. 34)


  • Written by: Oriane Garault
  • Icelandic/English translation:
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