Gutenbrunner, Siegfried. Skaldischer Vorfrühling des Minnessangs

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  • Author: Gutenbrunner, Siegfried
  • Title: Skaldischer Vorfrühling des Minnessangs
  • Published in: Euphorion 49
  • Year: 1955
  • Pages: 383-412
  • E-text:
  • Reference: Gutenbrunner, Siegfried. "Skaldischer Vorfrühling des Minnessangs." Euphorion 49 (1955): 383-412.

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Gutenbrunner attempts to determine the incidence of skaldic poems with love as a central theme on the development of the Middle High German Minnesang. The liegeman or vassal role assumed by the presumed main authors in both genres leads him to hypothesize a causal link between the birth of skaldic love-poetry and the constitution of a court-like hird around Harald Fairhair, as well as a reciprocal influence between the court poets of Norway and the continent. In order to strengthen the web of parallels between the two cultures' approaches to love-poetry, he defines the interactions between the Sigurðr poetic cycle and the Nibelungenlied, but also the common topoi in eddic tradition and Middle High German love poetry.


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Chapter 56: hváta: "With a bit of generalization, we would have a 'Minnedichter' [i.e. medieval German love-poet] complaint: a strophe about devouring love anguish and the necessity to remain silent and to avoid direct contact with the loved [lit. chosen] one. (Ein wenig verallgemeinert, und wir hätten eine Minnedichterklage: eine Strophe vom zehrenden Leiden der Minne und von der Notwendigkeit, zu schweigen und die direkte Anrede an die Erwählte zu vermeiden.)" (p. 388).


  • Written by: Ermenegilda Müller
  • Icelandic/English translation:
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