Lönnroth, Lars. Hjálmar’s Death-Song and the Delivery of Eddic Poetry

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  • Author: Lönnroth, Lars
  • Title: Hjálmar’s Death-Song and the Delivery of Eddic Poetry
  • Published in: Speculum 46/1
  • Year: 1971
  • Pages: 1-20
  • E-text:
  • Reference: Lönnroth, Lars. "Hjálmar’s Death-Song and the Delivery of Eddic Poetry." Speculum 46/1 (1971): 1-20.

  • Key words: poetry, orality, literary elements (kveðskapur, munnleg geymd, bókmenntaleg einkenni)



An examination of poetic delivery and transmission in Scandinavia prior to the introduction of writing and the manner in which Eddic poetry was presented to its audience during this period.


Rannsókn á flutningi kveðskapar í Skandinavíu áður en ritöld hófs og með hvaða hætti eddukvæði voru flutt áheyrendum á þessum tíma.

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Chapter 61: hafði fest svo: "Clearly, this oral composition was far from improvised! It may of course be objected that Egil’s poem was skaldic, not Eddic, and consequently more difficult to compose from a technical point of view. Nevertheless, the burden of proof must surely rest with anyone wishing to claim that any longer Norse poem, as we now know it, was based on an improvised performance" (p. 3).


  • Written by: Katelin Parsons
  • Icelandic translation: Jón Karl Helgason
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